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Natural Remedies for Children

Choosing to use herbs and nutritional supplements can often go against everything we have been taught. Our parents usually teach us to not take responsibility for our health problems as we are growing up. Most ailments that affect children can be treated with over the counter medicine but many professionals are questioning the long term effects of giving synthetic drugs to a child since a very early age.

Herbal natural medicines can be used to treat health problems that are short-lived (acute) or firmly established (chronic), as part of a holistic approach to health. In other words, when looking at the person as a whole, and working out whether there are underlying medical, emotional or lifestyle factors that may be having some influence on the outbreak of symptoms.

Children Natural Remedies

Some of the common ailments of children includes Diarrhea. To cure this stool problem, follow the following natural remedies for children:

  • Take homeopathic Arsenicum if you feel you have eaten spoiled food. This will help control the discharge without interfere with the elimination of toxins.
  • Wild oregano oil is an antibacterial, anti parasitic and anti viral.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, but stay away from caffeine and alcohol. Drinks like ginger ale or carrot juice is good for making the stools less watery.
  • Boil brown rice and water for 45 minutes eat the rice (it contains Vitamin B) and drink the water.

More Natural Remedies for Children

Damiana - A herb, Damiana Turnera diffusa. It comes as a leaf, powder, capsule, tincture or fluid extract. It is used for as a tonic herb to strengthen the reproductive and nervous systems. For mild to moderate depression and anxiety associated with fatigue.

Lavender - A herb, Lavendula officinalis. Available as a tea, essential oil and in some over-the-counter preparations. It is used as a safe herb, generally used to influence the nervous system, digestive system, circulation and skin. Aids sluggish digestion and sleep, and relieves tension headaches. Also used by herbalists to help people with mild to moderate depression, and to ease pain.

Children are going to get hurt, it is what they do. The following herbs help with cuts, scrapes, skin irritations, pain form broken bones, bee stings, etc:

Aloe Vera, Burdock, Calendula, Comfrey, , Hops, Horsetail, Malva, Meadowsweet, Turmeric, etc.

Effective Herbs and Natural cure for Children

Astragalus for colds, Catnip and fennel for colic, Catnip and garlic for fevers, Chamomile for calming and getting to sleep, Echinacea for allergies, Elderberry for mucus and runny noses, Garlic oil for ear infections, Licorice root for energy, stress and coughs, Pau d’arco for nappy rash, Peppermint for nausea and wind, Red raspberry for diarrhoea, White willow bark for headaches, etc.


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